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Chicken Checker - The Poultry Health Check in your Pocket
Multiple patents approved

Chicken Checker – the poultry health check in your pocket

Real time health status for your flock

This is Chicken Checker

Chicken Checker is a cloud-based solution, which helps you to keep poultry flocks healthy and productive. With the help of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and a steadily growing database, you are able to detect issues in real time only by using your smart phone.* So you are able to intervene faster to reduce potential losses.

* Multiple patents approved

Your benefits

  • Check the health status of all your flocks as frequent as you want

  • Non-invasive, easy to use and to integrate into management routines

  • As a farmer: optimize your vets' visits based on real-time health scores

  • As a vet: optimize your daily routine based on the Chicken Checker Health Score

  • As an integrator: benchmark your houses during routine management


Improve economics of your flock

  • Real Time Health surveillance

  • Early detection of problems

  • Faster interventions

  • Earlier treatments

  • Reduction of potential losses

  • Increased productivity

  • Reduction of medical treatments due to timely prevention


How it works

Step 1

User frequently takes photos of his flocks' feces while performing his management routines with the Chicken Checker App.

Step 2

Photos are uploaded in a cloud and the aspects of the feces are analyzed by AI (Artificial Intelligence).

Step 3

The Chicken Checker Health Score is available immediately.

Step 4

Data summary is visualized on a customizable dashboard integrating all flocks.

Step 5

Chicken Checker health score is correlated with performance parameters allowing predictions and decision advises.

Why Chicken Checker?

Based on science

Feces aspects have a historic correlation with productivity parameters. Besides, it is one of the first signs of health problems in the bird, allowing early detection of problems and leading to a reduced response time.


Easy and very affordable

Photos can be taken by any standard phone, without any expensive equipment. This low cost solution makes the Chicken Checker technology affordable for farmers all over the world. Taking a photo does not require any special skills and can be done quickly.

The Chicken Checker Health Score

The Chicken Checker health score – based on science

The Chicken Checker health score was developed by veterinarian experts in avian pathology, by applying intense scientific research under field conditions. That makes Chicken Checker a trustful tool to monitor the health of your flock.


  • Developed by vetinarian experts

  • Established on a broad data base

  • Developed under field conditions

  • Proven statistical model

How Chicken Checker supports animal welfare

You take care for your animals and so do we. Besides it‘s undeniable advantages in easy handling and cost effectiveness, Chicken Checker is a non-invasive solution to check your poultry‘s health status. Our app gives you the possibility to detect and predict upcoming challenges.


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